| Dali Erhai: Clear waters and green mountains are our home


Recently, Dali was on the CCTV News for promoting the environment protection and governance of the Erhai Lake. Living up to President Xi’s expectation, Dali has safeguarded the clear waters and green mountains. This year, ottelia acuminata, regarded as the touchstone of water quality, has blossomed again over Erhai after half a century, advancing the ecological progress. CWEG’s sewage interception project, as a key part in the governance of the Erhai Lake, has prevented the domestic sewage from being discharged into the Erhai Lake. CWEG’s Distributed Underground Reclaimed Water Ecosystem of independent intellectual property, has improved the water environment and promoted the social and economic development, which is of critical significance for the world’s water environment. In September, 2022, the Group’s Erhai Lake Project has been honored the Project Innovation Awards presented by the IWA.

Gusheng village, is a traditional ancient village of Bai nationality on the shore of Erhai Lake in Dali, Yunnan.The buildings here were built in an ancient style with clean streets and lanes,surrounded by streams and trees.

He Licheng,who is 55 years old and was raised up here, made a living by fishing in his early years. Now, he owns 580 mu (approx. 38.6 ha.) of rape fields and runs his own inn. He is occupied every day. Erhai is a place where he got rich, and is also a place where he was forced to change his career several times.

图片Since the 1990s, the breakouts of blue-green algae had led to the ecological deterioration of Erhai Lake. To protect the Erhai Lake, He Licheng's family decided to assign the pond and to sell the fishing boats.

In 2014, LiHecheng opened the first inn in Gusheng village. However, as the business began to boom, he received a notice of the inn's closure and rectification. He Licheng demolished one third of his inn to support Erhai Lake’s ecological construction.

图片In January 20, 2015, General Secretory Xi Jinping was here to learn about the ecological progress of Erhai Lake. He talked with the villagers, and left an agreement.

图片Nowadays,the 129km ecological corridor around Erhai Lake has been joined up. According to the Ministry of Ecology and Environment, the water quality of Erhai Lake has been rated as excellent for two consecutive years. Ottelia acuminata, regarded as the touchstone of water quality, has blossomed all over Erhai Lake again.

图片I heartily wish that President Xi could come to Dali again to see the bloomy ottelia acuminata. He Licheng said.


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