Development Milestone


  • Jun.2021

    In June 2021,CWEG Wins the Bidding on Urumqi Project with Service Expansion to 21 Provinces.

  • Nov.2021

    In November 2021, CWEG'sTechnology and Application of Deep Biological Nitrogen Removal from Sewage won the second prize of National Technology Invention Award.

  • Jan.2020

    In January 2020, two technologies of CWEG have been compiled into the National Advanced Pollution Prevention and Control List (Water Pollution Prevention Area) (26 technologies in total across China) selected by Ministry of Ecology and Environment of China.
  • Jan.2020

    In January 2020, the first national standards and guidance for underground WWTP chiefly edited and initiated by CWEG - Underground WWTP Engineering Technology Guide entered into force in China.
  • Dec.2018

    In December 2018, CWEG became a formal member of State Development & Investment Corp. Ltd. (SDIC). As the only professional water environment management subsidiary under SDIC, CWEG aspires to be a worldwide leader in water environment management.
  • Sep.2013

    On September 26th, 2013, along with the successful launch of the first Eco Forum Global Guiyang (EFG), CITI Water Industry Fund Management Co. Ltd. was officially established.
  • Jan.2015

    In January 2015, CITI Water Industry Fund Management Co. Ltd. was renamed China Water Environment Group Limited (CWEG).
  • Oct.2016

    In October 2016, CWEG, as a representative for social capital, was invited to International Seminar on PPP Reform in China, held by the World Bank in Washington, to share China’s practices and experience to the world.
  • Jan.2017

    In January 2017, CWEG took the lead to work out the major project under 13th Five-year-plan - Innovation of WWTP Construction and Demonstration of Ecological Complex.
  • May.2017

    In May 2017, CWEG was granted with a loan of USD 250 million by Asian Development Bank (ADB), which was the first comprehensive waste water management project in China supported by ADB.
  • Oct.2017

    In October 2017, the construction of National Engineering Laboratory of “Advanced Treatment and Utilization Technology for Municipal Wastewater" was launched, which was the only national laboratory in this field.
  • Dec.2017

    In December 2017, CWEG and RWTH Aachen University cofounded Sino-German Laboratory for Water And HealTh ResearCH (WATCH). Supported by Ministry of Education of China and Germany""s Federal Ministry of Education and Research, the laboratory is positioned as the only international joint lab of its kind in water management.
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