XINHUANET | Persisting in Technological Innovation — CWEG Won the Asian Development Bank Private Sector Impact Award


On May 9, 2022, the first Asian Development Bank Private Sector Impact Awards was held online. Ashok Lavasa, vice president of ADB, and Cheng Zhijun, director of the Department of International Economic and Financial Cooperation of the Ministry of Finance, addressed and awarded prizes at the meeting. Eight enterprises including China Water Environment Group, Chongho Bridge Group and New Hope Liuhe Group won the ADB impact Award. As chairman of CWEG, Hou Feng accepted the prize and gave a speech.

The award ceremony was held to honor enterprises that have significant impacts on the development of China, the Asia Pacific region and other developing countries. As the vice president of ADB, Ashok Lavasa emphasized that environmental sustainability, climate change mitigation and adaptation, aging and health security are the three main pillars of ADB's cooperation strategy. ADB will share its best practices with other developing member countries, and to join hands with them to achieve the green development of the Asia-Pacific region.

ADB has provided $450 million financial support for CWEG in three years, which is the largest amount ADB has ever offered to China’s environmental protection enterprises. Christopher Tim, Deputy Director of ADB’s Private Sector, spoke highly of the Group's due contribution in promoting corporate social responsibility and fulfilling ESG concept.

According to him, CWEG has not only promoted innovative business models and technologies, but also made remarkable achievements in leveraging commercial financing to maximize its influence.

Cheng Zhijun, director of the Department of International Economic and Financial Cooperation of the Ministry of Finance, awarded the prize to the Group and extended his congratulations. He said that the co-financing of ADB's own capital loans and B loans has ensured the development of CWEG’s innovative model focusing on comprehensive treatment of rivers and lakes on a large scale, which has doubled its impact.

Hou Feng, the chairman of China Water Environment Group, said that the green carbon concept and technological innovation are regarded as the Group’s strategic priorities. For more than ten years of research and practices, a DURWecosystem has come into being. It has changed the ways of how the world dealing with water sewage for centuries. Instead of discharging the urban sewage as pollutants, we use it as a stable resource for urban water recycling and we dedicated in its scientific collection and resource utilization. CWEG succeeded in turning the traditional sewage treatment plant into an integrationcenter of water resources, green energy, public service supply, digital management and comprehensive utilization of space. Moreover, CWEG realized the combination of WWTP construction with river governance, water recycling with land saving, and carbon reduction with energy efficiency and physical resource recovery. In the new era, the Group will continue to fulfill its social responsibilities, to promote the ESG concept, and to strengthen cooperation with ADB and the Ministry of Finance, so as to contribute to green and high-quality development, and to further offer Chinese technology and solutions for countries lacking water and land across the world.

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