CWEG Chengdu Tianfu New Area No.1 Wastewater Treatment Plant Became the "Key Unit of Foreign Affairs in Sichuan”


CWEG Chengdu Tianfu New AreaNo.1Wastewater Treatment Plant Became the "Key Unit of Foreign AffairsinSichuan”

On April 22, 2022, Sichuan Foreign Affairs Office held the first batch of "Key UnitsofForeign Affairs in Sichuan " awarding ceremony.Six units, including CWEG Chengdu Tianfu New Area No.1WastewaterTreatmentPlant, were awarded nameplate of "Key UnitofForeign Affairs in Sichuan".Director of Sichuan Foreign Affairs Office,Cui Zhiweipresentedplaques to the six units and delivered a speech.

Cui Zhiwei said that the establishment of "Key UnitofForeign Affairs in Sichuan" isthe key initiativeto implement the spirit of the fourth conference of Foreign Affairs Committee of Sichuan Provincial Committee and theconferenceofForeign(and Hong Kong and Macao)Affairsof Sichuan Province,tointegrate the foreign exchange resources in the fields of economic development, cultural tourism, scientific and technological innovation, modern education, ecological agriculture and green development in Sichuan Province. It isalsocriticalto promote the high-quality development of Sichuan's opening-up. Foreign Affairs Office of Sichuan Province will actively provide the necessary support and guidance to the awarded units and make full use of foreign affairs resources to build up new platforms for internationalcommunicationand cooperation.

Chengdu Tianfu New Area No.1Underground Wastewater TreatmentPlant is the largest of its kind in Sichuan Province, with a treatment scale of 100,000 tons/day and some indicators of the effluent reaching surface water grade IV. By creating a center for water resources, comprehensive space utilization and green energy, the effluent water is used for municipal greening and water replenishment of the Lu Xi River, achieving 100% utilization of water resources.Additionally, a total of 330 mu of land worth about RMB 2.6 billionhas beensaved by providing496 shared parking spaces for West China Tianfu Hospitalas well.The project replaces green energy in wastewater to cool and heat the comprehensive office building of the plant and West China Tianfu Hospital, resulting inan annual carbon emission reduction of about 10,500 tons.

As an awarded unit, the Group's water plantwill continue to upholding the concept of open development,serveas an important window to show the national ecological civilization construction practice to foreign countries, take the initiative to help Sichuan to carry out friendlycommunicationand cooperation withthe external world, and fully serve the ecological environmental protection and economic synergy development of SichuanProvince.

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