Dragon TV |Future’s Invitation: underground WWTPs promote “Cleaner Erhai, Better Dali”

      On September 27, at the invitation of the “Future’s Invitation” program produced by China Business Network and broadcasted on Dragon TV, Professor Kong Hainan of Shanghai Jiaotong University and Mr. Maorui, General Manager of CWEG Shanghai Jiading subsidiary introduced the science-based governance of the Erhai Lake, and discussed sustainable water governance.

Professor Kong Hainan introduces the science-based governance of the Erhai Lake

Maorui, General Manager of CWEG Shanghai Jiading subsidiary, explained in detail the key role of underground WWTPs in the governance of the Erhai Lake

Xizhou underground WWTP
      The Erhai Lake was once plagued with eutrophication. Given the special governance requirements of this highland lake, CWEG creatively proposed the solution of “highland lake governance + proprietary 5th generation high-quality underground WWTP technology”. This includes 231 kilometers of sewage interception pipelines around the lake, and six cutting-edge underground WWTPs which together build a solid green barrier for the lake.

Ottelia acuminate announces a cleaner Erhai
      In November 2018, the general water quality of the Erhai Lake reached Grade II, which had never happened in November since 2015.
      In 2019, the lake’s water quality remained at Grade II for seven months of the year, which indicated an interim governance success.
      In 2020, the lake has stayed at Grade II for six months so far.

Lihuatan Ecological Pond adopts 
      CWEG’s 5th generation high-quality underground WWTP technology which is eco-friendly, land intensive, energy efficient and ecologically safe. The solution saved 160 mu (approx. 10.72 ha.) of land compared to the original plan, leaving the ground area for a water ecology complex integrating science & education, landscape, recreation and cultural promotion, as part of Dali’s tourism strategy. Tail water is re-purified by the pond before being used for landscape and agricultural irrigation. This cuts down irrigation water pollution to the lake by 20 million tons every year.
      In December 2019, the Dali Erhai Lake Water Environment Management Project was selected as a “13th Five-Year Plan” National Demonstration Base for the Application of Water–related Research Findings by the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, PRC.
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