CWEG holds three positions on future-oriented List of “Two Centenaries” Benchmark WWTPs


On September 17, qualifiers for the first future-oriented List of “Two Centenaries” Benchmark WWTPs were released by the Alliance of “Two Centenaries” Benchmark WWTPs. CWEG Chengdu Tianfu New Area No. 1 Underground WWTP, Shanghai Jiading District Nanxiang Underground WWTP and Guiyang Qingshan Underground WWTP were included in six sub-lists respectively.

The Alliance of “Two Centenaries” Benchmark WWTPs, composed of the E20 Environmental Platform and 16 WWTP leaders, aims at setting benchmarks that guide industrial development, and building a new service system that promotes industrial reform. The qualifiers were selected against indicators covering delicacy management, intelligent treatment, resource efficiency, eco-friendliness and social benefits. These WWTPs are the foundation of the List of 100 “Two Centenaries” Benchmark WWTPs to be released in 2021.

Benchmark WWTP with Beautiful Landscape, Benchmark WWTP with Quiet and Pleasant Working Conditions

Shanghai Jiading District Nanxiang Underground WWTP

It is the first underground WWTP in Eastern China with a capacity of 150,000 t/d (long-term), serving around 397,000 people across about 36.1 square kilometers.

It is one of the first PPP projects in China, the first PPP project in Shanghai, and the first fair-faced concrete underground WWTP in China.

It sets a cap on effluent quality in Shanghai (meeting Surface Water Grade IV standard against key indicators), with effluent being used to replenish the Wenzaobin River.

Built beneath a sports park and a science education museum, it is called by media as the “Most Beautiful WWTP in China”.

Benchmark WWTP with High Space Efficiency, The Most Popular Benchmark WWTPChengdu Tianfu New Area No. 1 Underground WWTP

        Highlighting Chengdu’s label — City of Parks, the WWTP has a capacity of 260,000 t/d, serving around 850,000 people across about 55 square kilometersIt is the first underground WWTP in Chengdu, and is included in the Library of Major Construction Projects of the National Development and Reform Commission.

        It replenishes the Luxi River and the municipal water system.

        It saves 360 mu (approximately 24.12 ha.) of land while creating a sports park and 496 public parking spaces for West China Tianfu Hospital and other major public facilities.

Benchmark WWTP in Water Reclamation, Benchmark WWTP in Environmental EducationGuiyang Qingshan Underground WWTP

Guiyang Qingshan Underground WWTP, which symbolizes the achievements of Guiyang in ecological civilization, is a key part of the Guiyang International Forum on Ecological Civilization, and one of Guizhou’s first pilot projects open to the public. Located on the eastern bank of Nanming River in Nanming District, Guiyang, the WWTP serves about 264,000 people per day across around 10.86 square kilometers. High-quality reclaimed water is used to replenish the Nanming River and irrigate the free-admission park above where the first water environment science education museum in Western China which is green, eco-friendly and low-carbon is built.

It is the first WWTP in China producing Surface Water Grade IV effluent that replenishes a river. The water environment science education museum above has become the permanent revenue of the Guiyang International Forum on Ecological Civilization.

Following the innovative principle of“appropriate centralization, on-site treatment and local reuse”, the project is a success in polluted urban “mother river” restoration launched by three ministries and commissions.

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