A new starting point and a new journey


A New Milestone and a New Journey

——The Opening Ceremony of the Water Environment Institute successfullykicked off

     On May 9, 2017, theopening ceremony of the Water Environment Institute was held at the headquarters of CITIC PE (CITICPrivate Equity Funds Management Co., Ltd.).

      CITIC PE leadersincluding Managing Directors He Yongbin and Zhai Feng, Investment Division VicePresident Sun Cheng jun, and Investment Manager Bai Jin, together with CWEGChairman Hou Feng, who is also the Water EnvironmentInstitute’s president, CWEG Vice Presidents Chen Ming, ShaoYanqing, Li Guoshan, Zhao Liansheng, Li Feng and Fangyong attended theceremony. The ceremony was hosted by Li Feng, who is also the vice presidentof the Water Environment Institute.  

      CWEG Chairman HouFeng recognized the achievements made by the Institute since its inception, saying that the innovativepractice of combining “three-step training” with “Internet plus” had now seen decent results. He also emphasizedthe relation between the establishment of the Institute and the development of CWEG, which urged theInstitute to communicate the enterprise culture throughoutthe talent training process.

     CITIC PE ManagingDirector Zhai Feng congratulated on the establishment of the Institute and pointed out that the biggest challenge facingmodern enterprises was the competition for talent. Therefore, developing theright talent would be crucial to an enterprise. According to Zhai Feng, the establishmentof the Institute would help implement CITIC PE’s goal and philosophy of building a learning-orientedorganization. CITIC PE would thus provide full support for the training activitiescarried out by the Institute, expecting the Institute to build up a good reputation and create marketvalue.

      The Institute was jointly inaugurated by CWEG Chairman Hou Feng and  CITIC PE Managing Director Zhai Feng.

      The establishment ofthe Institutemarks an important milestone in CWEG’s goals of management improvement and talent development.Adhering to group strategy and culture, the Institute will brave various challenges and strive tobuild itself into an excellent talent training base of CWEG and a first-class talenttraining institution in China.

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