CWEG Management Training Workshop (Series 1) Rounds Off


From September 20 to 21, a two-dayadvanced management training workshop (series 1)was organized by theOperations &Management Center andHRDepartmentin Guiyang.

Chairman Hou Feng and Vice President Shao Yanqing delivered speeches andexpectations in avideomessage. Hou said,“First, I want you to‘learn proactively,think comprehensively and act quickly’. I’d like to thank all the experts present fortheircontinuoushelp andsupport, and theirgenerous sharingofknowledgeand skills. It’s important for you to learn,understand, andpractice. Second, your determined efforts are needed to implement the‘Three Increases’strategy.Departments in various regions must implement the strategyresolutelyand professionally, ensuringthat all facilities, river governance projects and pipelines operate properly.Third, we must uphold the unity of Party leadershipand strength Party building. The354Party members in CWE should play a leading role in incorporating the idea of“lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets”into daily work, promoting the integration of Party building withcorporatedevelopment.”

Prof. Wang Hongchen, Vice Dean oftheSchool of Environment and Natural Resources of Renmin University of China, Cui Qingmin, President oftheSichuan Urban Water Association, Zhao Yingze, Equipment Expert oftheChina Academy of Engineering Physics, and Gong Bifu, Environmental Monitoring Expert of Sichuan Province,gave lectures at the workshop.

More than 160employees from theoperations andHR departmentsparticipated in the training.They activelyexchanged ideas withlecturersand expressed theexpectationfor moretrainingopportunities as meaningful and productive as this one.

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