Guang an Clean Water Action Plan & Regional Water Environment Management


1.The project isthe first regional and cross-basin water environment managementPPP project in China, helping solve the problem of unclarified and overlapping watermanagement and greatly improving the investment efficiency and service quality.2.The project saved approx.RMB 650 million of investment and shortened theconstruction period by approx.12 months.3.Theproject adopts the management model of “1 centralized WWTP +multiple satelliteWWTPs”, providing an effective solution to therural WWTP operationand management challenges.

The project was implemented throughout Guang""an City (1 city, 2 national-level parks, 3 counties and 108 villages and townships) as a whole, involving the protection of drinking water sources, sewage treatment and integrated utilization of resources, water environment management of two mother rivers including the Ink stone Washing Pond opposite to Deng Xiaoping""s former residence and Xixi River, as well as regional rural sewage treatment.

1.In April 2017,accompanied by Hou Xiaochun (the first from the right),Secretary of the CPC Guang ""an Municipal Committee,and Hou Feng (the first from the left),Chairman of CWEG,Wang Dongming (the second from the right),the then Secretary of the CPC Sichuan Provincial Committee,inspected the Guang’an WWTP and spoke highly of Guang’an for its remarkable achievements made in regional water environment management,

2.In March 2017,the On-site Meeting on Urban and Rural Sewage and Waste Treatment of Sichuan Province was held in Guang’an,calling on the whole province to learn from the “Guang’an Mode” of water environment management.Using the PPP model to introduce large professional enterprises will not only solve the problem of capital shortage,but also improve the technology and management levels,

3.In February 2017,Jiao Xiaoping (the second from the right),Director of the China PPP Center of the Ministry of Finance,inspected the project and said the project should be promoted as an example. Included in the second batch of demonstration projects of the Ministry of Finance,the project was promoted nationwide in the Special Issue of the NPC and CPPCC sessions in 2017,

4.The outlet of the Guang""an WWTP

5.A picture of the Guang’an WWTP

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