SCO Secretary-General Norov: The distributed submerged reclaimed water ecosystem adds luster to the 20th anniversary of the SCO


  On February 24, Vladimir Norov, Secretary-General of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) and his fellows visited Tongzhou Bishui Underground WWTP constructed by China Water Environment Group (“CWEG”)accompanied by COMPLANT Chairman Zhang Zhaogang and CWEG Chairman Hou Feng. After the visit, they had a talk at the headquarters of CWEG. 

At the Bishui Underground WWTP, Secretary-General Norov and his fellows checked the effluent quality, river restoration and surrounding environment of the Yudai Riverwhile listening to the introduction of the project.

Tongzhou Bishui Underground WWTP sets a benchmark for the application of CWEGdistributed submerged reclaimed water ecosystem technology. The plant recycles 100% of wastewater, and its reclaimed water, which meets quasi Grade IV water requirements, is used to supply the City Green Heart and Universal Parks and Resorts in Beijings sub-center, and Yanjiao Sanhe Thermal Power Plant, and to replenish the Tongzhou Grand CanalThe project has not only solved the NIMBY problem, but also contributed to local land appreciation and environmental protection.

At the headquarters, Chairman Hou Feng welcomed and thanked the SCO delegation. He said that Chinas rapid urban development in the past 20 years had greatly increased the gross industrial product, but also further worsened environmental pollution which led to many problems, including water shortage. The distributed submerged reclaimed water ecosystem was developed by CWEG based on more than ten years of efforts. This innovative technology converts urban wastewater into a new water source. Furthermore, it turns WWTPs into producers of resource and energy, and an important platform for people to participate in environmental protection and share the outcomes of ecological development. Im willing to share Chinas technologies, theories and solutions with the SCO, promoting environmental protection and resource efficiency, Hou said. 

Secretary-General Norov thanked COMPLANT and CWEG for arranging the meeting, and said that environmental protection had always been a focus of the SCO. CWEGproprietary water environment governance technologies, and land and water reuse solutions impressed me deeply, he said, compared with traditional WWTPs, the distributed submerged reclaimed water ecosystem is superior in terms of pipelining costs and safety control. Its future is promising. Besides, it has addressed climate effects, so I think itmeaningful to promote the technology, especially among SCO member states. Mr. Norov encouraged cooperation with premium companies under COMPLANT in the SCO framework, and expected to see quick outcomes which add luster to the 20-year performance of the SCO.

Chairman Zhang Zhaogang said that the visit had enhanced, upgraded and enriched the cooperation between COMPLANT and the SCO. CWEG as the environmental platform of SDIC and COMPLANT has grown into a technical leader in urban wastewater treatment, river basin renovation, and lake governance. As we have agreed at the meeting, COMPLANT will speed up cooperation with the SCO in environmental protection. We are willing to provide technical services and supports to SCO state members, especially Central Asian countries and regions, helping them address water environment governance challenges, as part of our contribution to SCOs environmental protection goals, Zhang said.

SCO senior experts Avanr Sarsembayev and Timur Samedinov, Zhang Hongyao, General Manager of the COMPLANT Strategy Department, Fang Yong and Zhang Lujing, Vice Presidents of CWEG, Pang Hongtao, Executive Deputy Director of CWEG Engineering Technology Center, and Li Tao, General Manager of CWEG Beijing Company, attended the meeting.


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